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Overseas Registration Examination conducted by the General Dental Council UK


Licence in Dental Surgery conducted by The Royal College of Surgeons England.


MJDF conducted by

The Royal College of Surgeons of England.


MFDS conducted by

The Royal Colleges of Edinburgh & Glasgow

Client Comments

"I have passed my ORE part 2 exam, it's about having right people around at the right time and Dr. Shoney is definately one of them. She is very flexible and accommodating about session timings. I would definately recommend her." Dr. A. Sameer, Nov 2014

"I recently passed my ore part 2......took some lessons and lots of mocks from Shoney and I must say she is wonderful at mocks,she has organised very good cases & if you pass Dr. Shoney's mocks then you can definitely pass DTP." Dr. F. Zeeshan, Oct 2014

"The DTP Skype sessions with Dr. Shoney where extremely professional, helpful & flexible. Her advice & tips helps in building up confidence. I strongly recommend her for ORE exam." Dr. A. Karamat, Oct 2014

"I found Dr. Shoney's DTP, OSCE and ME sessions on Skype very helpful. I could develop confidence in shortest period of time. She is also flexible in her timing. I found her an excellent trainer for ORE......" Dr. D. DhargalkarMumbai

"I have passed ORE 2 May exam.....Private classes from Dr. Shoney ; I will say it was impossible for me to pass dtp without her classes. She is really good, she has very good cases and I want to thank her for all the help..." Dr. A. KumarUnited Kingdom

"I am pleased to inform that I have successfully passed my ore-2 in April 2013.....Would also like to thank Shoney for the DTP sessions which improved my level of confidence in presentations." Dr. P. RudraprakashUnited Kingdom

Different Training Programmes

Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) conducted by the General Dental Council UK.

The General Dental Council (GDC) regulates dental professionals in the United Kingdom and all dentists must be registered with GDC to work in the UK. Dentists who gained their primary dental qualification from a university that is not in either the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland are required to pass the ORE before being able to register with the GDC.

Triumph Dental Training offers online as well as face to face training sessions for candidates wishing to undertake ORE Part 1. Candidates are offered ORE Part1 coaching on a one to one basis based on a detailed training plan developed by the assigned tutor.

For ORE Part 2, tutors at Triumph currently offer ORE DTP training, ORE OSCE training, ORE mock DTP sessions, ORE mock OSCE sessions, ORE ME guidance, ORE revision courses etc . Triumph has successfully conducted 3-day intensive ORE Part2 training in India at various locations and plan to do more programmes in the near future covering important aspects of the four ORE Part 2 exercises viz.

  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • Dental Treatment Planning (DTP)
  • Dental Manikin Exercises (DM)
  • Medical Emergencies (ME)

Currently, 1:1 online guidance & classes for ORE Part II are being facilitated on Skype by our experienced UK based faculty. Each candidate will have an assigned tutor who will guide through important exam topics & frequently asked questions. The highlights of Triumph's coaching are the unique bank of cases based on previous exam diets, sessions based on the actual exam format and mock exams strictly identical to the actual exam.

Dentists keen to undertake ORE Part2 coaching in India sooner may contact us as an individual or group so that we can arrange a programme near you at the earliest.